1972 Ford Escort MKI RS1600 Gr 2

1972 FORD Escort MKI RS1600 Gr 2


500 Miles


299 000 USD

In March 1972, Italy’s Jolly Club Motorsport Team ordered two Ford Escort RS1600 FIA Group 2 cars from Broadspeed Ltd in the UK. At the time, Ralph Broad was the go-to specialist for preparing Ford Escort competition cars. In the English championship for saloon cars, John Fitzpatrick was the driver of the moment, dominating the C class and finishing third overall in 1971. The two Escorts arrived just in time for the Monza round of the European Touring Car Championship. Martino Finotto owned chassis #ICBA657262, which he shared with Fitzpatrick, running as car number 36.

The second Escort, presented here, was purchased by Aldo Valtellina, known as “Alval.” This car, chassis #ICBA657263, was shared with Girolamo Bertoni and Arturo Merzario and raced as car number 37. With an impressive track record, this Escort competed in the ETCC and ITCC championships between 1972 and 1974 with Valtellina behind the wheel. Following its prime years, the Escort (chassis #ICBA657263) was likely prepared for hill climbs, featuring a smaller fuel tank, a lightened dashboard, and a short gear ratio. In the 80s, it was sold to Cristiano Fissore, who commissioned Giuliano Fassetti (brother of the renowned Carlo Fassetti) for a complete restoration. The process was lengthy, and Mr. Fissore never settled the restoration bills, resulting in an arrangement where Giuliano kept the car for over 20 years in his workshop.

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