1973 PORSCHE 911 T

1973 PORSCHE 911 T


380 Miles


140 000 USD

The Revived Elegance – Porsche 911T 2.4 in Ivory Livery

Dive into the realms of vintage car opulence with GEM Classic Cars. Today, we proudly present a piece of automotive history that gracefully merges heritage with renewed passion.

Distinctive Features:

Historical Lineage: Crafted with precision and detail, this Porsche 911T 2.4 embarked on its journey from production on February 20, 1973. It found its first home in Connecticut later that year, on November 26, marking the beginning of its legacy.

International Charm: Crossing borders and seas, the car was acquired in 2015 in Canada by an ardent enthusiast. Its story took another captivating turn when, upon its arrival in Belgium, it underwent an exhaustive restoration, reconceptualising every detail to its former glory.

Stunning Finish: Cloaked in a splendid Ivory livery, also known as Elfenbein (code 132), its aesthetics are further enhanced by a contrasting beige leatherette interior and comfort equipment (470). A mere 325 miles post its restoration, this Porsche stands as a pristine embodiment of a 50-year-old 911T.

Comprehensive Documentation: True to its storied past, a comprehensive file, enriched with both paper and photographic documentation, accompanies this classic, ensuring its narrative remains eternally intact.

Hassle-Free Transition: While the allure of this Porsche is undoubtedly timeless, our services are decidedly modern. We extend our expertise to facilitate shipping, striving to safely deliver this masterpiece right to your doorstep. Note: The stated price is exclusive of shipping costs.

GEM Classic Cars invites you to be more than just a spectator; be a custodian of a legacy, a keeper of stories, and the proud owner of a rejuvenated classic. Get in touch with us today

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