1976 TOJ SC204 2.0L

1976 TOJ SC204


10 Miles


270 000 USD

The name “TOJ” stands for “Team Obermoser Jörg,” named after the builders of the SC cars for “Sports Cars,” meaning the prototype category, as opposed to single-seaters. The number “204” is split into two parts: “2” for the 2-liter category and “04” for the fourth series of cars built (one series per year). It’s crucial to distinguish this nomenclature, which isn’t applicable to all models, especially for the 3-liter series of the same model.

This car features its original chassis authentication plate (No. 13) and its original technical passport.

Mr. Schulthess, then a distributor for the TOJ brand in 1976, recounted the episode of the 1976 24 Hours of Le Mans:

“We had ordered a 2-liter car and a 3-liter car to participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans 1976. Unfortunately, both cars were delivered late, and we went to testing with the engines barely installed in the chassis (2L ROC engine for the SC204 and 3L DFV engine for the SC301). We failed to get the 3-liter model running due to numerous leaks, and the 2-liter model only managed a few laps, not enough to qualify the TOJ #SL 13/76 despite passing technical inspections.”

Corinne Koppenhague, then a driver engaged with the SL13/76 chassis, also shared her version of the 1976 Le Mans, which remains etched in memory:

“The team wasn’t ready; there were many mechanical issues with the car, particularly the gear ratios, which were too short for the Mulsanne Straight.”

In addition to all these mechanical problems, other misadventures occurred. The car arrived without headlights (which were fixed on the front for inspections and in the hood for testing), and the sponsorship deal with Warsteiner breweries wasn’t fully finalized.

This is why both cars arrived in white, instead of the golden color they adopted shortly thereafter.

In 2018, the chassis and bodywork were completely redone. The car is now in excellent condition and ready to hit the track for the upcoming season in the Peter Auto Championship (CER 2), Le Mans Classic, and Masters Historic Racing.


Enrty list :

24h du Mans 1976 (n°25)

1000km de Monza 1976 (n°46)

Eggberg Klassik 1976 (n°29)

Course de Côte de Ayent-Anzère 1976 (n°42)

GoldPokal Hockenheim 1976 (n°53)

Course de Côte Saint Ursanne Les Rangiers 1976 (n°16)

Course de Côte Villars Burquin 1976 (n° 194)

Preis der Nationen 1976 (n° 53)

DMV Aires 1977 (n°46)

Osterring 1977 (n°64)

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