AA DS9A0095




659 Miles

United States

125 000 USD

Explore the rugged elegance of the 1985 UNIMOG 416 DOKA, meticulously restored from the ground up in Germany, and now proudly gracing the roads of the USA. Boasting a comprehensive restoration, this iconic off-road vehicle has been appraised for a remarkable 191,000 euros in 2015 by a german respected appraisal company, before being exported to USA, a testament to its exceptional quality and attention to detail.

With a clean New Hampshire title, this UNIMOG stands as a testament to both its robust history and its current pristine state. Its impeccable running condition ensures a reliable and powerful performance, ready to conquer any terrain with unwavering confidence.

Equipped with a six-speed transmission, this DOKA effortlessly adapts to the demands of the road. Whether cruising through city streets or navigating challenging landscapes, the UNIMOG delivers a driving experience marked by versatility and precision. Adding to its functionality, the vehicle features two reverse gears, providing optimal control in various situations.

Unveil the legacy of the UNIMOG 416 DOKA, a symbol of off-road prowess and engineering excellence. With its rich history, meticulous restoration, and flawless running condition, this vehicle is not just an icon; it’s an embodiment of adventure, strength, and enduring style on both German and American roads alike.

149,000 documented kilometers before restoration. (93,000 miles)
659 miles since.

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