1990 Jaguar XJR-15 Winner car, Road Legal !

1990 JAGUAR XJR-15


1 Miles


1 750 000 USD

Monaco race winner

Ex Works Road Legal ! and the only one known with 7 Liters engine !

Experience the thrill of owning one of only 16 race-ready Jaguar XJR-15s, crafted to compete in the exclusive JaguarSport Intercontinental Challenge. This extraordinary machine has just been fine-tuned, revealing an engine stroke surpassing the standard 78.5.

Tom Walkinshaw, ever the strategist, ensured no one could outpace his factory driver. During the damp first practice session, Derek Warwick set the benchmark time. As the track dried, Armin Hahne edged ahead, prompting Warwick to leap back into his XJR-15. With only a single flying lap left, he reclaimed pole position in 1 minute 47.8 seconds, a remarkable 1.6 seconds faster than Hahne.

Driven by TWR Works driver Derek Warwick, this XJR-15 claimed victory in the opening round at Monaco, narrowly defeating David Brabham. Presented in its original 1991 livery, this chassis 020 was driven by one of the most legendary names on the roster.

Experts agree: the Walkinshaw XJR-15s were unmatched in speed compared to customer models. When a single qualifying lap can secure a lead of 1.6 seconds, you know you have an extraordinary car.

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