5300 CC

27 309 Miles


315 000 USD

Aston Martin V8 Vantage V600

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First registration 10.03.1995

Delivered new by Auto Becker Dusseldorf

V600 Specs made by the factory

5.3 L V8 Twin-Superchargeurs / 600 Hp / RWD

6-speed manual gearbox

Original Aston Martin service book

Aston martin racing green with beige leathers interior, Recaro seats


1.120 km / 10.04.1995 / AUTO BECKER Düsseldorf????

9.100 km / 22.12.1995 / AUTO BECKER Düsseldorf????

4.661 km1 / 7.03.1997 / Aston Martin Newport Pagnell??

10.524 km / 03.08.1998 / Auto KÖNIG Berlin?????

15.788 km / 15.10.1999 / Auto KÖNIG Berlin????

28.766 km / 24.08.2000 / Auto KÖNIG Berlin

32.585 km / 04.07.2001 / Aston Martin Kronberg?????

36.100 km / 13.02.2002 / Autohaus Skawibski Hennef???

39.753 km / 14.11.2003 / Works Service Newport Pagnell?????

43.543 km / 21.08.2019 / Aston Martin Luxembourg


?????This Beautiful Aston Martin Vantage V600 is an Evolution of the V550 and was for a period the most powerful production car in the World.

For those in need of even greater performance there was the famous ‘V600’ package of enhancements, developed by

Aston Martin Works Service, which raised engine output to some 600 horsepower and included upgraded suspension, brakes, wheels, etc.

Few owners took advantage of this evolution to have their cars upgraded to V600 specification by the Engineers of the Factory.

The Vantage is wider, lower, uses four round tail lights (later adopted for the base V8 Coupe), and features new rear suspension

and interior electronics. Like the 6.3, the Vantage used record-sized 362 mm brake discs and 18 inch wheels.

Upgrading this particular Vantage was professionally carried out in 2002 for the price of £46,334 by Aston Martin Works Service.

Numerous performance enhancements were made, including modification to the two superchargers, upgraded exhaust system and more powerful brakes.

The Marek Reichman-Designed Vantage body was also fettled somewhat with a new grille and badges.

All of these tweaks pushed the Vantage V600 into proper supercar territory, making it an impressive addition to the 200mph club.

There are no driver aids, no launch control or sophisticated automatic gearbox. Just the Driver and the Car.

That was the pinnacle of the Luxurious muscle car for the new millennium built for people with a passion for driving and exclusivity.

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