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The World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) represented the pinnacle of touring car competition from 2005 to 2017. During this period, thrilling door-to-door racing captivated thousands of spectators at international circuits. Numerous manufacturers attempted to compete at the world level, but Chevrolet stood out by maintaining an official presence for eight consecutive seasons.

In 2005, the European Touring Car Championship went global, rebranding as the WTCC. General Motors Europe seized this opportunity, leveraging the global exposure guaranteed by Eurosport, the series’ promoter and broadcaster, to challenge established brands like Seat, Alfa Romeo, and BMW.

To enhance their chances, Chevrolet entered the Lacetti sedan, prepared by the renowned English tuner Ray Mallock Ltd., which had previous successes with Vauxhall and Nissan. The team featured three prominent drivers: Alain Menu, Nicola Larini, and Rob Huff. The initial seasons were promising, with multiple victories, but the blue Chevys were not yet fast enough to contend for the world title.

Chevrolet became a true contender for the world title with the introduction of the Cruze in 2009. Eric Nève, Chevrolet Europe’s sports director, expressed high ambitions during the sedan’s unveiling: “The new Cruze marks the next stage in Chevrolet Europe’s motorsport history. We have progressively achieved all our goals since 2005: challenging the competition, scoring points, proving we can win, and becoming championship leaders. With the Cruze, we aim even higher, determined to become champions. We have worked with the same team, engineers, and drivers over the past four seasons with great success. Continuing this with the Cruze will increase our chances of achieving our goals.”

However, Chevrolet needed a top-notch driver to clinch the title. In 2009, although they were again defeated by Seat, they managed to recruit one of Seat’s best drivers, Yvan Muller, at the end of the year. Muller, who had won the WTCC in 2008 with a Leon TDI, decided to take a risk by joining Chevrolet, a move that ultimately paid off.

In 2010, Muller secured three victories with the Cruze and demonstrated remarkable consistency, finishing second nine times and third twice. This performance earned him his second World Touring Car Championship title, with a significant lead over his rivals. Chevrolet also won the manufacturers’ championship.

The Chevrolet Cruze displayed at DRM SportsCars is a piece of motorsport history, being the car Muller drove to the world championship in 2010. “It was originally intended for the Chevrolet museum in the United States, but when the WTCC program concluded after the 2012 season, team members were allowed to keep ‘relics’ as souvenirs,” comments the current owner, a former Chevrolet WTCC employee. “That’s how I acquired the 2010 championship-winning Cruze. It still bears the scars from the season finale in Macau but is in perfect working order. Our cars were meticulously checked after each race, so it can return to the circuit if desired.”

Notably, the Cruze now bears the number 1, the designation for the world champion, instead of the number 6, which it wore during the 2010 season. “The car was displayed at a demonstration at Donington circuit in the UK,” the owner explains. “To honor our championship titles, the Cruze was presented with the number 1, which Yvan Muller also used throughout the 2011 season.”

On September 22, Yvan Muller will visit the DRM showroom to sign the car with which he won the world championship.

The 2010 Cruze WTCC marks the end of an era as it is the last car built to Super 2000 regulations. It features a naturally aspirated 2-liter inline four-cylinder engine, known for its high revs and distinctive sound. From 2011, WTCC cars switched to 1.6-liter turbocharged engines, which, unfortunately, did not produce the same exhilarating sound as the Super 2000s.

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