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For Sale: 1948 OLDS 66 COUPE – A Timeless Classic with a Rich History

Dive into a journey through time with this immaculate 1948 OLDS 66 COUPE. Proudly presented by GEM Classic Cars, this vintage beauty has been under the careful stewardship of its second owner since 1970, ensuring it’s been treasured and maintained for 52 splendid years.

A Brief History:
This classic car underwent a meticulous repaint in 1971, reflecting its original two-tone colour scheme. This not only highlights the owner’s dedication to maintaining its authenticity but also captures the true essence of the 1940s automobile aesthetic.

Key Features:
– Mileage: A genuine 78,000 miles on the clock, all documented, attesting to its modest use over its lifetime.
– Rust-free Guarantee: One of the many allures of this OLDS 66 COUPE is its 100% rust-free condition, preserving its charm and ensuring a longer lifespan.
– Optimal Performance: Equipped with all possible options, every function of this car operates seamlessly. Its drive? Simply superb, as if you’re gliding back in time.
– Documented Legacy: Accompanying the sale is the original brochure, the 1970 bill of sale, technical books, and an abundance of records detailing its history – a treasure trove for classic car aficionados.

Additional Bonuses:
Being a part of many shows over the years, this car has basked in the limelight and has even been a celebrated member of the Olds Club. Its storied journey can be a great conversation starter. Furthermore, the purchase comes with tons of additional parts, ensuring the future owner has everything they might need for potential upgrades or replacements.

In Summation:
While every classic car has its quirks, it’s the rich tapestry of history, the stories they tell, and their distinctive charm that truly captivates. This 1948 OLDS 66 COUPE encapsulates all this and more, making it a prized addition to any collection or an excellent starting point for budding classic car enthusiasts.

Interested? Dive deep into the world of classic cars with GEM Classic Cars and discover a legacy waiting to be cherished.

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