1953 CHEVROLET 3100

79 000 Miles

United States

The Time-Honoured 3100: A Testament to Authentic Motoring

Introducing the VIN # LBM144258 – a truly distinguished piece of automotive craftsmanship, handpicked by GEM Classic Cars. Dive into a world where every drive is a stroll down memory lane.

Highlights of This Classic Gem:

– Genuine Pedigree: Sporting the VIN # LBM144258, this vehicle guarantees authenticity and uniqueness in our collection.

– Drive in Purity: Delight in the true essence of motoring with its original 3-speed manual transmission, transporting you to an era where driving was an art.

– Enduring Restoration: Benefitted from an intensive restoration process 18 years ago, designed to extend its lifespan and preserve its innate charm.

– Classic Features: A 6-volt electrical system reminding you of its original era, coupled with a functional radio for your musical escapades, a heater for chilly drives, and the essential spare tyre ensuring you’re always prepared.

– Original Heartbeat: Houses its authentic engine and gearbox, a clear nod to its time-honoured lineage.

– Pristine Shell: Revel in a chassis that’s 100% free from rust, ensuring its longevity and maintaining its aesthetic allure.

– Transparency Note: While she’s aged gracefully, there are a few minor scratches, a testament to its life and adventures. We’ve provided detailed photographs at the end for a comprehensive overview.

At GEM Classic Cars, we believe in complete transparency and upholding our reputation for authenticity. This 3100 is more than just a car; it’s a journey through time, and its new owner will surely appreciate its unblemished history and charm.

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