58 500 Miles

United States

38 995 USD

Unearth a genuine piece of motoring history with the illustrious 1965 Pontiac Catalina Ventura, standing as a testament to timeless design and enduring craftsmanship. Bathed in a mesmerising Fontain Blue, this Catalina Ventura proudly showcases its authentic heritage with an exceptionally well-preserved exterior and interior.

Key Features and Insights:

1. Original Beauty with A Hint of Refreshment: While this classic gem remains untouched in most of its glory, it has benefited from a careful exterior respray 12 years ago, ensuring its striking appeal remains undiminished.

2. Performance Unaltered: Nestled beneath its bonnet is the powerful 389/4 barrel engine, complemented perfectly by the Hydromatic transmission, which even today, performs as seamlessly as it did when first unveiled.

3. Harmony in Aesthetics: The car’s tri-tone blue Ventura interior is truly a sight to behold, holding onto its original design without any alterations. It’s an authentic experience waiting for those who value genuine, untouched classic interiors.

4. Essential Conveniences: Modernity meets the vintage in a delicate dance, offering Power Steering (PS), Power Brakes (PB), a deluxe steering wheel, an AM radio for those nostalgic tunes, a seat belt retractor for added safety, and a tinted windshield to shield against those bright sunny days.

5. Documented Heritage: With this purchase, not only do you acquire a magnificent vehicle but also a piece of documented history. This car is accompanied by its original books, invoice, built sheet, and the original floor mats. The well-kept maintenance history detailing the genuine 58,500 miles this beauty has travelled is a testament to its legacy.

6. A Few Points to Ponder: Whilst this car sings praises of its originality and impeccable preservation, potential buyers should note that with the passage of nearly six decades, minor wear and tear is to be expected. The external respray, although done with utmost precision, is a deviation from its original state.

In conclusion, the 1965 Pontiac Catalina Ventura “Original” is more than just a car; it’s a journey through time. It captures an era of automotive excellence, offering an opportunity for enthusiasts and collectors to own a slice of history. Dive deep into the world of classic cars with this personal favourite and let the roads ahead be filled with tales of yesteryears.

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