1965 Willys Jeep CJ-5

1965 JEEP CJ-5


36 000 Miles

United States

29 995 USD

1965 Willys Jeep CJ-5

Rediscover Adventure with the Authentic Fully-Restored Willys Jeep

Step back into a bygone era whilst looking forward with our splendid offering – a painstakingly restored Willys Jeep that is both a tribute to craftsmanship and the spirit of adventure. This classic has been rejuvenated to mirror its original splendour while surpassing today’s standards in quality and performance.

Unveiling Perfection: Delve into the realm of classic motoring with our impeccably restored Willys Jeep, an undeniable jewel. With an astounding investment of over £35,000, every facet of this vehicle has been examined and refreshed. Boasting a brand-new steel body, it promises an unblemished and genuine allure. This isn’t merely a vehicle; it’s a magnum opus.

Craftsmanship Redefined: This Willys Jeep is not just any classic car; it stands as an artefact of precision. Every inch has been restored with scrupulous attention, ensuring each part either replaced or refurbished retains its historic charm whilst integrating modern ingenuity.

Power and Poise: Nestled under the bonnet is the spirit of adventure – a lively 134ci Inline-Four engine. Coupled with a seamless three-speed manual gearbox, its powertrain is not just about reliability, but it promises a thrilling journey each time. Its dual-range transfer case guarantees adaptability across various terrains, navigating challenges with assuredness.

Elegance and Comfort: Step inside to find an interior embellished with sleek black vinyl upholstery, exuding an ageless grace. The cabin beckons with its comfort, tempting you for jaunts both near and far. The 15″ steel wheels accentuate the Jeep’s robust look and serve as a testament to the enduring quality Willys is celebrated for.

A View to Freedom: This Willys Jeep boasts a unique fold-flat windscreen, offering an unadulterated connection with the world outside. It offers an invitation with every drive to relish the liberties and sheer pleasure of motoring, making every trip an unparalleled adventure.

A Legacy Revived: To encapsulate, this resplendently restored Willys Jeep is an emblem of motoring history, rejuvenated with an unwavering dedication to excellence. It offers a drive like no other, marrying authenticity, quality, and innovation in one package. For connoisseurs who see beyond the ordinary, this Willys Jeep is bound to enchant and inspire.

Seize the Legacy: Don’t let this chance slip by to own a slice of history – a Willys Jeep that defies the ages and leaves an indelible impression. Flawless in its restoration, captivating in its design, and heart-pounding in its drive, this classic is set to be the crowning jewel of any collection and the source of countless tales. Embrace the legacy; steer the dream.

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