69 000 Miles

United States

1976 AMC PACER – A Vintage Blend of American Craftsmanship

Introducing the 1976 AMC PACER, a classic car that seamlessly captures the zeitgeist of 70s American automobile design. With its unique wide body and two-door compact style, this classic beauty hails originally from the sunny state of Florida. Its rust-free frame, an evident testimony to its pristine Floridian origins, was recently discovered in the scenic West Virginia, making it a precious find for any classic car enthusiast.

Key Features & Details:

– Year: 1976
– Mileage: A genuine 69,000 miles, ensuring that this classic car has gracefully aged, having seen countless adventures and yet, remaining in a splendid condition.
– Cylinder Capacity: Powerful 258CI – a clear representation of what American engines were all about.
– Gearbox: Smooth automatic transmission for an effortless driving experience that aligns with the comforts of its time.
– Location: Currently residing in the United States of America ??

The interiors have been tastefully upgraded with plush leather seats, adding a touch of modern luxury to its vintage charm. The car also boasts sporty wheels, accentuating its sportive essence and ensuring a smooth drive. Every feature of this car has been meticulously taken care of; the air conditioning system, for instance, has been completely serviced, guaranteeing those breezy drives on warm summer days.

A point to note for the purists is the addition of the PACER X logos. While we believe this wasn’t originally a Pacer X, the logos have been added to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Potential buyers might consider this as a touch of customization, yet, it’s worth mentioning for transparency.

In summary, the 1976 AMC PACER offers a delightful fusion of American classic design, upgraded comforts, and dependable functionality. While it possesses the inevitable quirks of its era, it remains a tangible slice of automobile history, waiting to be cherished by its next owner. Experience a journey back in time, paired with modern enhancements, with this iconic vehicle.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or an enthusiast just stepping into the classic car world, this AMC PACER is not just a purchase but an investment into a rich motoring legacy.

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