1984 AUDI 100

1800 CC

31 500 Miles


1984 AUDI 100 – A Timeless Classic

Location: Belgium

Unveiling a pristine specimen from 1984 – the Audi 100 C3. First gracing the roads in Germany, this classic car stands as a testament to Audi’s commitment to engineering and timeless design.

Colour & Appearance: Presented in a tantalising ‘Topaz Grun Metalic’, it radiates a vintage charm that’s hard to overlook. The green-tinted windows not only complement the overall colour palette but also offer a nod to the chic styling of its era.

Mileage: With just 50,000 original kilometres on its odometer, this Audi 100 can certainly be dubbed as a rare find. The low mileage is indicative of a car that’s been cared for, a journey less travelled, ensuring it’s retained much of its original spirit.

Exterior & Condition: One of the crowning achievements of this Audi 100 is its all-original paintwork, preserved immaculately over the years. Further adding to its allure is its 100% rust-free status, a testament to its impeccable maintenance and the high-quality standards of Audi craftsmanship.

Performance & Mechanics: At its heart lies a basic, yet efficient, 1.8L engine producing 75HP. The 4 in-line engine paired with a 4-speed gearbox might not be the talk of the town in today’s performance-oriented world, but it ensures a smooth, reliable, and nostalgic drive.

Interior & Amenities: The car comes equipped with a radio, indicative of the luxury features of the 1984 era. The interior, whilst not described here, is expected to match the car’s overall prestige.

Documentation: Proving its lineage and authenticity is the original service book, detailing its meticulous history. This not only offers an insight into its past but provides assurance of its well-kept state. Adding another feather to its cap is the original bill of sale, a rarity that speaks volumes about its provenance.

Final Thoughts: While the Audi 100 may be a basic model by today’s standards, it encapsulates a bygone era, offering a blend of simplicity, elegance, and reliability. Potential buyers should consider both its positive attributes – the original paintwork, low mileage, and rust-free status, as well as the older mechanics and features which might not be as efficient or flashy as contemporary vehicles.

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