1984 VW Caddy 16V Golf Mk2 engine

1984 Volkswagen Caddy


2 300 Miles


19 500 USD

Located in Belgium.

We can help shipping to your door !

Before falling into the hands of a skilled sorcerer who transformed it, this 1984 Caddy lived a peaceful life owned by Belgian Park and Forrests institution. This estate is renowned for its diverse forest, two museums, and serene ponds. The transformation of this Caddy has been nothing short of spectacular, offering exceptional care in its creation and unparalleled pleasure behind the wheel!

Impeccable Paint Work: This rust-free original car now boasts a paint job of super high concours winner quality, showcasing an extraordinary finish that highlights the vehicle’s timeless elegance.

Brief Summary of Modifications:

  • Engine: Golf 2 1.8 GTI 16V 139HP
  • Front End: Golf 1 GR.A
  • Antispacer Bar
  • Shock Absorbers: Front – Koni adjustable, Rear – Bilstein
  • Brakes: Front discs – Corrado G60, Rear discs – Golf 2 GTI, Rear brake caliper – Audi Quattro
  • Fuel Pump: Golf 2 16V Full
  • Exhaust: Complete custom build stainless steel, including manifold


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