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1990 CITROËN XM – A Timeless Gem with Just Over 10K Miles

Delve into the world of classic cars and discover this immaculate 1990 Citroën XM, a pristine embodiment of the era’s automotive ingenuity. As a testament to its authenticity, this remarkable find boasts the exact same specification and colour as the iconic vehicle photographed with the legendary Mr. Nuccio Bertone.

This Citroën XM’s history is just as impressive as its engineering. Cherished by one meticulous Belgian lady owner since its purchase, it was driven an average of a mere 1,000 km per year until 2001. Today, the odometer proudly stands at 16,174 km, equivalent to 10,108 miles, potentially making this the freshest XM available worldwide.

Key Features:
– Recent comprehensive service, ensuring this classic is not just for show but ready for the road. This included replacing the timing belt, water pump, fluids, spark plugs, muffler, and more.
– Shod with four brand-new Michelin tyres, promising unparalleled performance.
– Enhanced with new spheres, ensuring that iconic Citroën comfort and road-hugging capability.

Design Brilliance:
This XM isn’t just a car; it’s an art piece. Designed by the renowned Marcello Gandini at Bertone, its unique lines, curves, and presence make it a standout, even amongst other classics. It represents a significant moment in automotive design history, capturing the essence of European luxury and innovation.

A Rare Opportunity:
For the discerning classic car enthusiast in America, this Citroën XM represents an uncommon opportunity. It’s not often one finds such an original, super low-mileage XM in such impeccable condition on the continent.

An Honest Overview:
While this XM is undeniably in exceptional condition, potential buyers should note its age. Even with minimal mileage and recent servicing, classic cars come with their idiosyncrasies. They require love, attention, and understanding from their owners. However, for those who appreciate their unique charm, the joy of owning such a classic is immeasurable.

In summary, this 1990 Citroën XM is more than just a car. It’s a piece of history, a testament to European design prowess, and a rare find for the genuine enthusiast. Dive into the legacy of Bertone, and become a proud custodian of this automotive masterpiece.

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