1999 Honda Accord Type-R

1999 HONDA Accord Type-R


84 600 Miles

United States

38 995 USD

Unveiled at the 1998 Paris Motor Show, the Honda Accord Type R emerged from the masterful hands of Kenzo Suzuki’s team. With this sixth-generation Accord saloon, Honda boldly entered the 200hp hot family sedan category, alongside the likes of Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Evo. It applied the same recipe that worked wonders for its smaller sibling, the Integra Type R.

In the world of the Accord Type R, traditional saloon status is shed for the high-revving universe of BTCC (British Touring Car Championship), where its racing counterpart competes. A discreet yet distinctive body kit, handsome 17″ wheels, and a dual exhaust exit set the tone. Optionally, a substantial boot wing akin to the Subaru Impreza GT Turbo—a subtle warning to the unaware, complementing the “Type R” badges on flanks, boot, and grille.

Inside, the sporting ambiance continues with Recaro buckets up front, a small three-spoke Momo leather steering wheel, white-faced gauges, and an aluminum gear knob. Standard equipment is generous, and the finish is top-notch. Presented with Alcantara upholstery, the Accord Type R boasts genuine family-friendly spaciousness.

Underneath, weight-saving measures are discreet but effective, notably through the omission of numerous sound-deadening materials. The European-spec Accord Type R is propelled by a spirited 2.2-liter inline-four, eager to rev to its 8000rpm redline. Adorned with a red-painted valve cover proudly displaying the VTEC emblem, the H22A7 engine churns out 212hp at 7200rpm and 215Nm of torque at 6700rpm.

At 5500rpm, the engine’s split personality emerges, with an additional 27 horses clamoring for attention, accompanied by a symphony that tests occupants’ eardrums. Acceleration becomes more assertive, effortlessly propelling the sleek saloon to 230 km/h, leaving hot hatch pretenders in its wake. It’s an experience to relish, eagerly inviting more.

Fine-tuned chassis dynamics endow the Honda Accord Type R with remarkable agility. Its secret lies in a stiff structure, sharp front end, and a Torsen limited-slip differential ensuring unwavering traction. Assisted by firm damping and those 17″ wheels, the Accord Type R’s behavior is simultaneously enjoyable, effective, and confidence-inspiring. It boasts direct front-end response, precise steering, and neutral rear-end behavior.

Standard ABS with four sensors, complemented by electronic brake force distribution, delivers potent, easily modulated braking performance. Comfort levels remain commendable for a sporty sedan, despite a firm chassis and suspension setup.

Situated in Queens, NY, this car is an original Swiss model with a comprehensive service history. It has recently undergone a timing belt replacement and received a brand-new clutch installation. With relatively low mileage and in impeccable condition, it stands out as a prime example. Notably, it has never been sold in the USA, potentially making it the first of its kind to physically arrive in the country.

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