2004 FORD MUSTANG V6 “single owner”



14 500 Miles

United States

15 500 USD

A Testament to Originality and Authenticity

We’re proud to present a vehicular masterpiece that’s bound to entice both the avid car collector and the casual enthusiast. The GEM Classic Cars inventory welcomes a genuine time capsule: a 2004 Mustang that stands as a testament to automotive authenticity.

Key Features:

Unblemished Mileage: Having clocked a mere 14,500 miles, this Mustang’s journey has just begun.

Under the Bonnet: Equipped with a 3.9-litre cylinder capacity, this beauty isn’t just about the looks. And with an automatic gearbox, it promises a smooth and effortless driving experience.

Preservation: The car boasts 100% original paint – a rarity in today’s classic car market. Its pristine condition is accentuated by the fact that it has been kept away from harm in a garage, shielded from the elements.

Impeccable Provenance: A ‘ONE OWNER’ history is complemented by a clean Carfax, reaffirming the car’s untarnished past. It has neither known the wrench of modifications nor the scars of damage.

Comfort and Functionality: Fitted with an automatic transmission and an ice-cold air conditioning system, this Mustang promises comfort on every journey.

Accessories and Documentation: The sale includes a protective car cover, the original manuals, the window sticker and two keys. Please note that the trunk carpet is absent.

Reminiscent of its days on the showroom floor 19 years ago, this V6 Mustang invites you to relive the era. It’s not just a car; it’s a slice of history waiting for its next steward.

To own this classic, or to simply bask in its grandeur, do visit us. GEM Classic Cars is committed to offering only the finest vehicles, and this Mustang is no exception.

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