2005 BMW M3 Convertible “SOLD TO PHILADELPHIA”

2005 BMW M3

3200 CC

71 400 Miles

United States

In the realm of automotive excellence, the 2005 BMW M3 Convertible, currently available at Gem Classic Cars, stands as a beacon of driving purity. This particular model, crafted in the final year of the iconic E46 body, is a rare gem, epitomizing the essence of a true enthusiast’s vehicle.
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What sets this M3 apart is not just its brand, but the sum of its exceptional attributes. Encased in a convertible body, this M3 allows you to experience the thrill of the open road with the engaging control of a manual transmission. A combination that enthusiasts dream about, providing an immersive driving experience that’s increasingly hard to find in today’s market.

Beyond its driving dynamics, this M3 boasts a pristine history. Its exterior wears the original paint, untouched by mishaps, a testament to its careful ownership. The Carfax report tells a story of a car that has never been damaged, ensuring peace of mind for its next fortunate owner. The first owner, residing in Texas, nurtured this machine, lavishing it with perfect service at a BMW dealership until sold to second owner in 2017.

Upon entering the care of its second owner, this M3 experienced a life of leisure, accumulating a mere 1600 miles since changing hands. Recently, it received meticulous attention from experts at a BMW Dealership in Vermont, ensuring it remains in peak condition, ready to thrill with every twist of the key.

Adding to its allure is a stunning color combination that enhances its aesthetic appeal. This M3 isn’t just a car; it’s a work of art, meticulously maintained and thoughtfully preserved. For enthusiasts seeking a rare blend of performance, history, and visual splendor, this 2005 BMW M3 Convertible at Gem Classic Cars is an unmissable opportunity, promising a driving experience that transcends the ordinary.

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