Join us on an exhilarating journey back to the golden era of rallying as we take you to the 2018 Rallye Eiffel. In this captivating YouTube video, Eric, our passionate rally enthusiast, takes the wheel of the iconic 1980 US Rally Championship winner, the Triumph TR8, once driven by the legendary 11-time US champion, John Buffum.

Get ready for a nostalgic ride filled with adrenaline, history, and the roar of the Triumph TR8’s engine. Join Eric as he pays tribute to the spirit of rallying and the champions who made it unforgettable. Watch the full video now and relive the glory days of motorsport with us!

Video Highlights

  • Rallying Heritage: Dive into the rich history of rallying as we showcase this incredible piece of automotive history. The Triumph TR8, with its powerful performance and iconic design, has a legacy that continues to inspire rally enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Behind the Wheel: Experience the thrill of the Rallye Eiffel from the driver’s perspective. Eric, a true connoisseur of vintage rally cars, shares his passion and skills as he navigates challenging terrains and twists and turns in the TR8.
  • Scenic Landscapes: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of the Rallye Eiffel route. From lush forests to winding roads, this rally offers a picturesque backdrop for Eric’s journey.
  • Champion’s Legacy: Learn about John Buffum, the iconic rally driver who piloted this very Triumph TR8 to victory in the US Rally Championship. Discover the secrets behind the car’s success and the skills that made Buffum a legend.