King Albert II’s Mercedes on Belgian News

The Regal Ride: When GEM Classic Cars Met King Albert II’s Mercedes

Right then, motor aficionados and the odd history buff, lend me your ears (or, in this case, your eyes). GEM Classic Cars recently garnered quite the attention on the Belgian TV news. And, of course, being the friendly chap that I am, I thought I’d regale you with the tale.

Hidden away, rather mysteriously, in a hangar in Brabant Wallon, is a shimmering cache of vintage vehicles all up for grabs, priced anywhere from a modest 5,000 euros to a more princely sum of 130,000 euros. Among this vast array of automotive beauties, one car truly stands out. Why, you ask? Because it used to whizz around with King Albert II at its helm. Yes, you read that right.

As our pal Eric Bever from the news piece rightly points out, this is no ordinary Mercedes. For starters, its history is intrinsically linked to Belgian royalty. It’s akin to finding a Fabergé egg at a local flea market. Crafted by Mercedes in the illustrious year of 2001, only about 70 of these majestic beasts were ever made. And they were not made for the likes of you and me (no offence intended), but exclusively for the heads of state and the blue-blooded royalty.

Now, before you jump in with “What’s so special about it?”, let me fill you in. It’s not just about the posh pedigree; this is a top-spec model, boasting all the bells and whistles of its era. And by that, I mean it’s even got a Nokia mobile tucked in. Tried ringing up the King? Nah, unfortunately, His Majesty didn’t leave his SIM card. Always a shame, could’ve fancied a chinwag about his favourite driving routes!

While we didn’t find any cheeky royal mementos in the car – no notes or candid Polaroids – it’s the history, the lineage, the sheer stature of this car that’s enticing.

So, for the future buyer of this regal ride, rest assured, much like King Albert II, you can drive around incognito, enjoying the luxury without the paparazzi hassle. A right royal treat indeed!

To see this majestic motor and more, swing by GEM Classic Cars’ website. And keep those pinkies up as you click!


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